Custom Built PCs

Custom PCs

Looking for a great new personal computer that has the features you need (and hopefully none that you don’t)? Micro-Vision offers high-quality custom-built PCs in a wide variety of configurations and price points to suit almost any computing task or budget. From conventional, budget friendly PCs for home or small business use, to high-performance custom gaming PCs or engineering workstations – we’ve got you covered. We create custom PCs configurations that will fit in the palm of your hand (more powerful than you may think) and PCs that you may need help carrying.

Let us put our 35 years of experience to work for you. We want to earn the position of your trusted PC advisor.


  • Handcrafted in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.
  • Two-Year Micro-Vision Parts and Labour Warranty.
  • Quality Control Honed by Decades of PC Building Experience.
  • Most Systems are ready for Pickup within Seven Days.
  • Available with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.
  • Thorough Bench Testing and Burn-In.
  • Only High-Quality Components Used.
  • Available with Optional Microsoft Office Pre-Installed.
  • No Junk Software or Trial Versions of Apps Installed.
  • All Current Microsoft Service Packs, Updates and Patches Installed.
  • Enhanced Configuration Services Available. (additional software installation and configuration, transfer data from another PC, extended warranties, data importing, delivery, configure login with Microsoft account, LAN configuration, etc.).

Don’t know where to start?

Contact us and tell us a little about what you want your new PC to do for you and we’ll recommend a custom configuration just for you.

Scroll down for system options.

Mini-ITX Cube PC
Micro-Vision Mini-ITX PC
Desktop Performance – In less than one cubic foot Our Micro-Vision Mini-ITX PCs look great, fit almost anywhere, and feature
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Micro-Vision Micro-PC
The Shape that Fits the Future The Micro-Vision Mini PC`s incredibly small form factor (4.53″ x 4.37″ x 2.01″) unlocks
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14-Inch Tower PC
Micro-Vision Pacific Rim PC
Micro-Vision Pacific Rim PC with 8th Generation Intel Core Processor, DDR4 RAM and Solid-State Drive Our most popular family member
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Mini Tower PC
Micro-Vision Oak Bay PC
Micro-Vision Oak Bay PC with Solid-State Drive Our Oak Bay PC is a small system with big performance! Its space-saving design allows it to be
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Micro-Vision Cathedral Grove Performance PC
Micro-Vision Cathedral Grove Performance PCs Our Micro-Vision 6-Core “Cathedral Grove” PC’s feature the newest 8th Generation Intel Core processors, DDR4 RAM memory, solid-state drives and
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Micro-Vision Forbidden Plateau PC
Micro-Vision Forbidden Plateau PC Micro-Vision Forbidden Plateau PC with Liquid Cooled 8th Generation Intel K-Series Core Processor, M.2 NVMe Solid-State Drive, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060
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Micro-Vision Whiskey Creek PC
Micro-Vision Whiskey Creek PC Our Whiskey Creek Mini-ITX PC is one of our smallest PC’s featuring Intel 8th Generation “Coffee Lake” processors, speedy
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